Day 2

When I worked in a high school in a large metropolitan area on the East coast, at one point my entire caseload consisted of teenage girls. And every single one of them was in therapy because of some conflict about their sexuality or gender expression. This one liked girls and dressed like a boy, that one liked girls and boys, this one ran away to be with her boyfriend because her parents wouldn’t let her date, that one desperately clung to her suicidal boyfriend because he was so much safer than her abusive father. You have no idea how many permutations on the theme I could come up with.

I am the mother of a son, and I worry about other things for him when he gets older- how to explain consent to him. Making sure he understands his responsibility and power as a man. We don’t police our boys’ sexualities enough, we expect them to know what they’re doing. But we monitor and protect our girls’ sexualities too much. They’re flip sides of the same thing, of course. It’s called sexism.


~ by realsupergirl on January 2, 2015.

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  1. I told my son that when he was 18, he could only date a girl that was 18. If she was 17, he could offer to take her out for her birthday. I was so concerned that he would end up in an innocent situation with a not so innocent girl and she would say something happened when it didn’t and my kid would be a offender after that.

    I also didn’t make it a habit to “drop him off” at someones house with a young lady.

    I told him that no self respecting parent of a daughter would allow her to be in a house with a young man with no parents around.

    I dropped him off at the school dances and picked him up. I dropped him off at movie theaters and picked him up. If he got whinny about wanting to spend time with her, I would say, just invite him over to your grandmas house and we can all play chess or uno.

    I was raised with a “no closed doors” policy when I was young. The bathroom door closed while you were in there by yourself was fine, but never a closed door with another person. 2313 Lockhill-Selma, Suite 238 San Antonio, TX 78230 210-771-7726

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