Day 5

I can just get this under the wire.

Just watched the latest episode of the best new show on television, The Taste. Sad to see Nigella Lawson already without a team, for the second year in a row. I blame it all on sexism. Here’s why:

1. She struggled to form her team, because she lost out on cooks she chose during the audition, because they chose to work with the other cooks. I think it’s partly because she is the only home chef, without the clout of Marcus Samuelsson, Ludo, or Anthony Bourdain, but I think they also passed her over because sexism.

2. She has a history of choosing all women kitchens, not by design. She also tends to have a lot of home chefs in her kitchen. She also has a history of having women who turns against each other very quickly, because that’s what women are socialized to do in a competition.

3. She also has the hardest time commanding respect from the people in her kitchen, because she doesn’t have a penis, or yell a lot.

See what I mean? Sexism. The cooking world is insanely sexist, and we see that played out in the show. Still, props to the show having diverse palates and not only favoring western style foods.


~ by realsupergirl on January 5, 2015.

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