Day 20

A surgeon in Boston was killed today. Weeks before he operated on the shooter’s mother, who died, so I think we can fill in the blanks for a motive.

But the same question lingers, as it does after shooting after shooting: Why are we such a violent, hateful nation? Why do we so easily take to our guns whereas other citizens of other countries are more capable of handling anger, fear, grief without becoming violent?

I’ve yet to hear a satisfactory answer to this question. I buy the suggestion that our fear-based mass media plays a role, as does the lack of reasonable restrictions on who can obtain a gun. But I don’t that that is the whole answer. Is there something deeply disturbed about the American psyche, or does the Charlie Hebdo shooting indicate that it’s the human species what is disturbed, not just Americans?


~ by realsupergirl on January 20, 2015.

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