Day 28

Two days without work or day care. It’s been kind of nice. Quality family time. Today I really appreciated that we made friends at the park last spring so we had people a short bus or walk away from us to visit for play dates.

But what I thought I would note here tonight was that my first thought when I realized my work was closed today was man my productivity is gonna suck this week. Because that’s life in managed care mental health. You have to worry about shit that. Don’t get me wrong – we needed Obamacare because the status quo where millions of working poor people and middle class people in this country didn’t have access to health care was criminal. And universal health care was never going to pass – Clinton tried in a less polarized political environment in the 1990’s. But the new status quo is problematic too. Fee for service health care is a set up for corruption and malpractice. Here’s hoping its a stepping stone to a more sustainable, consumer and provider friendly system.


~ by realsupergirl on January 28, 2015.

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