Day 50

Wow, 50 days already.

I spent it in bed most of the day. I never call in sick. Today, I woke up with stomach pain and diarrhea, which I had last night too.

I made it on the bus to my son’s day care and came home. Canceled class and all my clients. Spent the day alternately feeling sick and feeling like a big wuss for canceling everything.

Being home alone all day is intensely lonely these days. I haven’t spent an entire day by myself in the house in a long time, certainly not since my son was born. You’d think it was peaceful, but no, it was really lonely. Not to mention, the perfect set up for my anxiety to spin itself out of control a few times today. I must have convinced myself I had a dozen different diseases today.

Tonight was scheduled to be date night, courtesy of my son’s day care, which is hosting a movie night. Gah. Not at all romantic.


~ by realsupergirl on February 19, 2015.

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