Day 57

Is there any town in New England that doesn’t boast some sort of Robert Frost connection? He’s like the ultimate New England everyman. He’s rented and owned homes in so many places up here, and he has written so much poetry about Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts…it’s a little ridiculous, in terms of all the plaques you find in random places claiming a connection to him, and yet when you poke at the phenomenon it’s kind of sweet. He has so many connections because he spent his whole life here, trying to find “home” literally and metaphorically, and it never occurred to him to find home outside of New England. As the worst snow season in Massachusetts history winds down, I find that admirable. Every blizzard brings out people complaining and threatening to leave, and I can’t help wondering what Robert Frost would say. It’s also a class thing. Picking up and moving because of the weather – having the ability to do so financially – is a middle class idea. For people who have only known one area, whose family has only lived on onw area, and who are tied to job in an area, it’s less likely to happen.


~ by realsupergirl on February 26, 2015.

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