Day 74

Oh for fuck’s sake.  Just when the friend drama seemed to go away, those same former friends decided to send a vaguely threatening letter to us claiming we’re “harassing” them even though we’ve had no contact with them for two years.  Our offense seems to be existing in the same city and Internet as them.  Yeah, that’s going to convince me they’re not controlling nut jobs.  

My spouse thinks I should just let it go.  I have the urge to send a letter to the lawyer who sent the letter on their behalf (yeah.  That kind of crazy) refuting the lies they’ve told.  Because I feel bullied, and I hate being bullied.  

She’s probably right – it’s probably better to let it go.  But why does that feel like I’m letting a bully win? 


~ by realsupergirl on March 14, 2015.

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