Day 78: Poly for countries 

“I love my country…but I’m poly.”  This was a great line Dan Savage had in a podcast (episode #435) in which he has a top-of-the-show rant about people (read: Republicans) who think being “patriotic” means you can’t love other countries, or be critical of a country you love.  That’s just a fucked up idea of love, in my book.  

I love America, where I live and grew up. I love Israel and Jordan, where I spent 4 months.  I love England, where I lived for six months, and have gotten to travel back to several times. I love Costa Rica, after just a week’s vacation, I think I love Greece, although I’m not even sure my memories of Greece are accurate because I lived there in the second grade,  but it was for a year. 

These are all the countries that have imprinted on me, that I feel like I have a relationship with.  I’ve been to other countries as a tourist and enjoyed my time there, but I don’t feel like they imprinted on me in the same way.  

What countries are you in love with? 

~ by realsupergirl on March 18, 2015.

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