Day 80

I have a funny parenting story to tell today,  maybe someone is a childhood development expert and can tell me what they think it means.

My son (almost 3) loves Curious George.  We’ve been reading the collection we inherited constantly.  Mostly to make it more interesting for ourselves, we sometimes change up the repeated parts and see if he’s listening.  You know, “this is Max, he was a good little aardvark, and always very funny.” Most often, he catches us on any of those changes and tells us the correct words. But we can describe the Man with the Yellow Hat however we want – literally – and he doesn’t react or seem to notice.  So far I’ve used “the man in the pink fedora”, “the man in the green turtleneck” and “the man with the cowboy boots.”   No reaction.

Then it gets better.  This evening at bedtime, I said “the man with the pink slippers” and he did react – finally!  I asked him what it should be.  His answer “the man with the boots.”

Sometimes it’s fascinating trying to figure out how toddlers process the world.


~ by realsupergirl on March 21, 2015.

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