Day 84

“cause someone you don’t know/is someone you don’t know/get a firm grip, girl/before you let go/for every hand extended/another lies in wait/keep your eye on that one/anticipate”
– “Anticipate” by ani difranco

I’ve had this Ani lyric bouncing around in my head for days now, because just as the final nail seems to be in the coffin of one friendship, I’ve got one of my best friends and a acquaintance level friend from college moving into to town this spring. Another dear dear friend moved here a year ago. Family are irreplaceable, unless theyre truly horrible and unwilling to change, and then friends become family. But friends are always replaceable. Whether you dumped them, they dumped you, or you grew apart. The most important thing is to not stop anticipating the next open hand.

Of course, what’s made it possible to believe this is that I have three friends who have been closes since I was 18, and I feel confident they’re not going anywhere, and I have a half dozen to a dozen. other friends with slightly less longevity but about whom i feel equally confident.

In other words, I know what true friendship looks like, and the friends I’ve lost recently never really fit that definition. They were fun, until they were crazy.


~ by realsupergirl on March 25, 2015.

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