Day 89 

I think the Internet is making us a less forgiving people, we humans.  Or is it just Americans? 

Trevor Noah was announced as the new Daily Show anchor to be, and within hours someone on the Internet dragged up a couple off color jokes he made on Twitter – not even full bits from his stand up comedy – as arguments against him.  He explicitly apologized for one of them, immediately after a follower called him out on it.  The one unaddressed is from 2012, by the way.

Really?  A stand up comedian’s entire body of work can now be discredited with one off color Tweet? 

I didn’t even think Anthony Weiner sending dick pics to someone who wasn’t his wife should discredit him,  since that’s really between him and his wife.  I don’t even think Woody Allen and Bill Cosby being creepy at best, sexual predators at worst, should discredit their bodies of work.  I can separate the person from the art.  I don’t care what kind of husbands, wives, or parents my politicians are if they make good public policy.  

All this might be controversial. But at the very least, can’t we agree that the standard for a tv host should be lower? Especially since the whole purpose of comedy is, usually, to push boundaries? I’m unconvinced that there is anyone on this planet who the Daily Show could have drummed up for the show who someone, somewhere, could not find something to be offended by.  

Maybe the problem is us.  


~ by realsupergirl on March 30, 2015.

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