Day 119, 30 day poem challenge day 29 

Prompt: Look for patterns in what you’ve written over the past month. 

I miss Jess and Todd.  I miss hanging out with grown ups without kids around, I miss playing games, I miss going to movies.  And yet, I can’t yet imagine leaving our boy even just overnight.  Is this how we become squares? The kind of people who never go out, who no longer have anything to talk about except our kids? 

Oh no, that’s not the case. I also talk about race and racism,  and politics.  Because my son is black, and will someday (G-d willing) grow into a strong, gentle, black man.  We cannot ignore other issues in the world.  He won’t be able to ignore them. So I don’t.  And for that, I am actually grateful.  Being a transracial adoptive family prevents me from any instinct I might have ( small though it might be) to be boring, to be suburban, to be unengaged with the world.  


~ by realsupergirl on April 29, 2015.

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