Day 127

A few days ago I commented in a Facebook discussion about all the police abuses of power we’d been hearing about recently.  I noted that as a licensed mental health counselor, I don’t want “bad” therapists to stay in th profession – I want them booted out as quickly as I can.  So I wondered why police officers don’t seem to be the same – why they stand behind their fellow police officers even when they’re clearly the proverbial bad apples. 

Like so many things, however, it’s more complicated than that.  

Recently, I learned a former co -worker and therapist (not an LMHC, but a LCSW.  A therapist like me, but not the same licensure) was sexually inappropriate to several female co-workers and at least one client.  He’s now gone but looking back, it sure didn’t take longer than I would have liked to make that happen.

And here’s the kicker – three years ago, the same co-worker showed very bad judgment by sexting from the on -call phone, and I chose to delete the messages and send a general message to the on call team to not use the on -call phone for personal use.  It was my discreet way of signaling to him I know about your error in judgment, now knock it the fuck off.   If that were his only indiscretion, this would have been fine.  But in the context of finding out this guy may be a much more problematic predator type, now it looks like a red flag.  

Which got me thinking about why cops aren’t whistleblowers.  I say I want to weed bad apples out of the therapy profession but that’s easier to say than do when you are talking about real co-workers who could lose real jobs, face financial hardship because of your actions.  You want to be sure, and when you I know people personally you’re more likely to have mitigating information that makes you want to cling to the best possible interpretation of who they are.  For better or for worse. 


~ by realsupergirl on May 7, 2015.

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