Day 155

I’m going to go to my 20 year college reunion next weekend. I’m trying to coordinate and figure out who will be there, and I’m doing so via Facebook mostly. Which got me thinking about how things have changed in 20 years, technologically speaking.

20 years ago…

– I got my first email account. Actually it was 22 years ago, and I only got it because Shelly told me she sent me an email. I had no idea what email was before then.

– The internet had no pictures. Once I discovered it, I got hooked on soc.motss and other early user groups. Who remembers those?

– There were no cell phones. At least, no one I knew had one. I didn’t actually get a cell phone until the mid-2000’s. I still don’t have a smart phone.

– I didn’t have a computer when I arrived on campus. I got one my sophomore year, I think – through one of Apple’s early student deeply discounted offers. It was a Mac Classic II. I only knew about computers because I worked on an earlier Mac to put together the literary magazine when I was in high school.

– Laziness cropped up early. I remember chatting with Yano from one end of the IRCs (free computer lab) to the other, because walking across the room was too. much. work.

– There were free community phones in every dorm. My grandparents would call, leave a message, and two weeks later someone would remember to write a note on the wipeboard on my dorm room telling me they had called.

– I looked up every single article for my senior thesis on PsychInfo, and had to request most of my articles via interlibrary loan, which was a slow, manual process in which you fill out a form, and the library that has the article sends it via US Mail. Now, as an adjunct teacher, I can download copies of all the articles I assign, and upload them to the class website where the students can read them on their iPad or whatever.

– my ex-boyfriend was attending Brandeis University at the same  I was at Reed and a high school friend was attending Harvard.  I remember getting in touch with them via email for the very first time.  It was like magic.  

– Digital cameras did not exist.  I’d have a lot more pics from college if that technology existed back then. Not sure if that would be a good thing or not though

What else? I’ll be adding to this list as I think of other things.


~ by realsupergirl on June 4, 2015.

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