Day 160 

Let’s talk about drugs.  I went from hangings out with the stoners my sophomore year in high school and being the one person who wasn’t using drugs to experimenting with anything that was offered my freshman year in college.  I’m disappointed no one around me was experimenting with ecstasy while I was experimenting, and thankful no one was experimenting with cocaine.  So mostly it was alcohol, weed, LSD, and mushrooms.  And the occasional opiate brownie at a Dead show.

I made some bad decisions while I was using and I’m glad they turned out ok.  I really shouldn’t have driven home from Jason’s house that one night I thought I wasn’t stoned anymore, because I still was.  On the other hand by waiting until I was in college, not driving, and on the grounds of a private campus to do most of my experimenting, I was protected from many things that could have gone wrong.  

What drives us to use drugs?  I’m always amazed when I meet someone who has never even smoked pot.  It isn’t peer pressure like the ads warn kids,  I resisted peer pressure very well thank you very much.  But for me, at least, in my late teens and early twenties, there was a driving need to feel a little out of control, to find the limits of what our day to day life gives us.  Also, I’ve always been anxious and I desperately wanted to loosen the fuck up.  But as a parent now, that’s a little scary to realize – the very thing that makes doing drugs , even “just” alcohol – a risk is the very thing that makes it appealing for some.  Which ought to inform how we talk to kids about drugs.  Maybe if someone had told me about mosh pits earlier I wouldn’t have needed to use drugs as much. 


~ by realsupergirl on June 9, 2015.

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