Day 165

Live texting upon arrival on my college campus for my reunion:

Me: Waiting for 75 bus now. Going to Prexy first.
Me: On the Psycho path.
Me: It’s partly  paved now!
Allyson: I know! And it is by an off leash dog area. I guess that means there are now leashed dog areas?
Me: Crazy
Me: Also I just saw a no smoking sign.
Allyson: They are all over the place!
Me: We are Old Reed.
Allyson: Oh yeah. There’s a weird sign about vomit in the dorm bathroom.
Me: That might have been useful freshman year?
Allyson: Except it seems to be more aimed at illness than drunkeness. Hence: Weird
Me: There are weird meatpacking crates by MacNaughton.
Allyson: Human foosball.
Me: Ohhhhhhhh.
Allyson: I am so out of shape for walking this campus.

Accomplishments of my 20th college reunion weekend:

– Spent quality time with my two best friends.
– played pool in the Reed College pool hall
– smoked some weed
– enjoyed free booze all weekend long
– laughed a lot
– enjoyed the cleverness of many collegiate friends
– watched my son get his face painted (a tiger) for the first time, and now he’s hooked.
– met some Reedies I wouldn’t have otherwise, because their kids played so much with mine
– watched fireworks
– toured the steam tunnels under the college
– got lost in the Reed College canyon

~ by realsupergirl on June 14, 2015.

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