Day 171

For my birthday back in February, my spouse got us ani difranco tickets in Northampton. The show was last night.  As it turns out, it couldn’t come at a better time, because Ani is a great antidote for dealing with the fucked up world when it is appearing to be its most fucked up. Just before playing “to the teeth” she said she had the urge to play it 16 more times tonight. I had forgotten about that song, but she was right – it was just what I needed. And her new song “Woebegone” was also just what I needed.

She gave an amazing punk rock version of “Swan Dive” and the crowd hardly sat down during her rendition of “Which side are you on”.

All in all, it was a great show.
Ani set list 6/19/15

Not a pretty girl
To the teeth
Unknown new song – Badass guitar playing, something about a roll of bills
Careless words
Allergic to water
Two little girls
New song – Purgatory
If he tries anything
New song – consciousness is rising
New song – Stop in the middle of a battle and say you’re sorry
Swan dive

Encore songs:
Which side are you on


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