Day 180

Orange is the New Black characters, in descending order of hotness. According to me. Cuz it’s my blog.

Alex Vause – still the hottest.
Poussey – she keeps getting hotter. She could overtake Alex.
Nicky – her sarcasm makes her hotter.
Lolly – ok, shes crazy, but she׳s adorable.
Crazy Eyes – not nearly as crazy as her name auggests
Sophia – I’m sure she’d kick my ass, but I’d like it.
Stella – I’m sure I׳m in the minority, but i never find the super cool slick ones as sexy as everyone else does.
That awkward white girl who crushes out on Crazy Eyes in Season 3
Daya – she׳d be higher if she wasn’t so whiny and mopey all the time.
Big Boo – she scares me most of the time and then other times she seems so cuddly. Gah.
Piper – she was sort of cute when she was a whiny entitled pain in the ass, but making her evil has seriously knocked her down further.

~ by realsupergirl on June 29, 2015.

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