Day 189

More bad kid memoir stuff floating around in my head today (I’m stil reading the book): Drugs.  Sophomore year in high school I had every opportunity to become a major stoner and/or do all sorts of recreational drugs.  Literally, all my friends were smoking pot, doing cocaine, tripping on LSD.  I would go to Honors classes, and then hang out between classes and at lunch with the stoners.  No one could figure me out, including the stoners, because I was actively abstaining from using.  But they accepted me.  Not sure how much that was true for the students in my classes. The only reason this social arrangement didn’t hold is because by my junior year most of those students had graduated or dropped out. Mostly the latter.  So I shifted to hanging out with the drama kids, the creative writing club, and the freaks and queers. 

On the other hand, my freshman year at Reed I immersed myself in all sorts of drugs.  What changed?  On the one hand, Reed was a much more protective environment to experiment with drugs, which is good.  But I don’t think that’s why because I also started smoking a lot more pot when I was back in Texas, too. 

What I will note here is that I never had a bad experience, overall, on any drug other than alcohol.  In Texas or in Oregon.  It’s obviously only one anecdote, but it is one piece of evidence to add to the pile of evidence of now asinine our drug laws are.  If legality and dangerousness were linked, alcohol should be harshly criminalized, and marijuana and hallucinogens should be completely legal.   


~ by realsupergirl on July 8, 2015.

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