Day 214

Another time gap. It’s so weird, i have no idea days have gone by until after the fact. So I don’t even know how to self-correct.

We are exploring the idea of buying a two family house with another family. It’s a cool idea, but its pitting a lot of big important things against each other in a way that is weird to be trying go predict out th future, for when our kids are no longer preschoolers. I want my son to go to school in his community, where he can walk and lives near his classmates. I want the school to be decent. I want to remain a one car family and be T accessible. And I want to make sure my son isn’t the only black kid in his school and neighborhoo. It’s a lot. Will we find something and be able to get an offer accepted? Stay tuned.

~ by realsupergirl on August 2, 2015.

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