Day 217

A friend in Facebook disclosed that her ex, an acquaintance of mine, was abusive to her.  What’s worse, he may have been using me and other mutual friends to Facebook stalk her.  Super creepy and icky.  He’s been un-friended, needless to say.  But what it makes me remember is my first awareness of abusive relationships.  

In college, a high school friend of mine was still living in Texas,  dating this guy.   We’ll refer to her as J and him as T.  All I knew about him was that none of her friends liked him.  So I wound up hanging out with him a lot, whenever I hung out with her.  He was responsible for a couple crazy nights at clubs, because he had a habit of attracting drama wherever he went.  

One day, J came to me and asked if stay with me.  At my parents’  house,  She needed to stay with me, see, because I was the one friend for whom he didn’t know the address.  I said yes,  I’m not actually sure how long she stayed with us.  A day?  A week? I didn’t hesitate because I knew the urgency, even though I didn’t really understand.  She stayed with me until she could move to Houston.  She doesn’t live there anymore. 

I’m glad she’s safe.


~ by realsupergirl on August 5, 2015.

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