Day 224 

Last night my son took three hours to fall asleep.  He finally crashed at midnight,  but not after me losing my cool and raising my voice at him in frustration at one point.  He cried and told me he doesn’t like it when I yell,  and I apologized.

This afternoon, I saw an article in Positive Parenting implying yelling at kids is just as damaging as hitting them.  Now I feel terrible.  I came home after work today and apologized again to him.  He seems to be over it.  But I still feel terrible.

I know I’m being irrational,  I know the reparative work is the most important part.  And I know if we had more than on kid the likelihood of parents losing their cool would go way up.  

But it doesn’t make it any easier to forgive myself for all the ways I fall short.  


~ by realsupergirl on August 11, 2015.

3 Responses to “Day 224 ”

  1. Hey, I’m a 16 year old daughter. I think the reason that article said that parenting is just as bad as hitting a kid is because kids emulate what they see their parents doing. If you yell at your son, he is more likely to yell back at you instead of talking in a calm voice. That being said, your apology has the same impact. Your son saw you apologize. That is no garnet that he will now apologize everytime he screws up but it’s still good parenting if you ask me. Anyway, I can assure you there is no need to sweat this situation. It sounds like you’re doing a good job parenting if you ask me

  2. TYPO: yelling not parenting (in the first line)

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