Day 225 

Finished David Crabb’s Bad Kid today. Here’s what I wrote about it on Goodreads: 

Wow. I can’t recommend this book enough, for anyone whose queer, really. Full disclosure: I went to high school with David, in San Antonio. But I was two school years ahead of him, and in true narcissistic teenager fashion it didn’t really occur to me there were still people left behind in high school after I left. So I went to The Bonham, I went to to F/X, I ate lots of breakfast tacos and was disturbed and aware of SHARPS as a thing that really existed in San Antonio in the 80s and 90s. But most of my drug experimentation didn’t occur till college, and I lost touch with David until Facebook. Until I got to see his one man, live show by the same name in New York City. But that show was only a small fraction, and mostly the funny parts. The book is much heavier, much more emotional, much more heartbreaking. I haven’t been so upset by the death of a “character” as I was when I learned about “Max” since I read Harry Potter 7 and endured the death of Dobby.  

This book is so so good. So painful at times, hysterically funny at others, and very moving. I thought David and “Greg” were cool and had it all together, and I was so impressed that they were openly gay. But again – narcissistic teenager. Turns out, he was just as insecure and confused and searching as I was inside. Probably we all were.


~ by realsupergirl on August 12, 2015.

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