Day 313

I went to a conference in New York City and lost track of my blogging goal to showcase voices of adoptees.  But here I am, and I want to talk about Marcus Samuelsson, who is an award-winning chef and an Ethiopian, transracial adoptee to Swedish parents.  He’s the only non American I included on the poster I made for my son of black men he can look up to, because he’s that awesome.  Here’s what he said about his identity in an interview for PBS: 

RAY SUAREZ: As an African child who is adopted into Sweden — one of the whitest places in the world basically —

MARCUS SAMUELSSON: I would agree with that.

RAY SUAREZ: You were aware of color and the difference it made, but it never crushed you. You were very realistic about it, but unsentimental about it. And that’s a tough line to walk. You’ve got it, even though there is no reason why you should have got it so young but you did. How did that happen?

MARCUS SAMUELSSON: I think it’s not just because of me, but it’s because of my parents. You know, my father — we talked about this a lot — he had to constantly prepare me for the workplace. That was his job to me more than anything, give me the work ethics. I was prepared, but also he understood that being a black child is not necessarily fair but so many things in life are not just fair. As a chef I like bitter, but in life you can’t get stuck on bitter.

PBS Interview, August 2012 (


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