The Donald Trump phenomenon 

Donald Trump is the ugly essence of American capitalism, and the natural consequence of rhetoric the Republican part has been using for years.   He comes from money, from a safety net most Americans don’t enjoy.  His only business successes came in the 1980s, when he was able to use his family name and money to broker some real estate deals, many of which fell apart because instead he got into screaming matches with Ed Koch.

He would have been destitute if not for family money, instead he got the opportunity to run a casino in Atlantic city and one in Nevada into the ground,  declaring bankruptcy four times. He also had failed efforts to put his brand on vodka, an airline, and other things.  Each business venture that failed resulted in thousands of people losing their jobs. His brand is nothing more than his name.  That’s what he sells.  Then he convinced someone to give him a television show that involved yelling at people and firing them, as if it was a sport.

What he’s good at is marketing himself.  He’s not actually  good at running a business.

And all the while he goes around berating others who are less fortunate, while pretending he didn’t only get where he is due to family money.  Remember when people pointed out that Paul Ryan was threatening to cut Social Secutity while benefiting from his dead father’s Social  Security benefits? How is anything more than the extreme version of what they’ve been peddling for decades?

From Donald Trump’s perspective, it doesn’t matter if he wins the election.  His brand wins because of how much time and money we’ve spent talking about it.  But from the perspective of our country, it matters a great deal.  Mitt Romeny at least had the humility to be embarrassed that his exploits at Bain Capital cost thousands of people their jobs. Donald Trump doesn’t care.  He doesn’t care about us, or America, or anyone but his own brand.


~ by realsupergirl on February 18, 2016.

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