The state of American politics

Let’s be clear: Usually after 8 years of one party having the White House the other party gets a chance to try running the country. This SHOULD be the Republicans’ year.

But the Republicans have such a mess of incompetent, lying sacks of shit running for their nomination that they have all but ceded control of their party to Trump, with some last ditch hope that maybe Rubio (who I think they didn’t want to run until 2020) will be able to be as good candidate as Romney – which we all see how good that got him and them.

Refusing to even consider Supreme Court nominees Obama might select has no historical precedent. The longest period of time we’ve been down a justice is 125 days, and Obama has over twice that left in office. This grandstanding obstructionism will not play out well in the election, and just hands the election to Clinton OR Sanders, barring some disaster.

What this says about our political system is terrible. We have one party that has no idea what it stands for and will allow a bully celebrity who is only a celebrity and a billionaire because of family wealth run their party into the ground.

And then we have the Democrats, who are still trying to pretend we have a functional democracy made up of grownups.


~ by realsupergirl on February 23, 2016.

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