I have been processing my feeling about the election on Facebook on and off all night Tuesday as it was happening, as results were coming in, as hope died.  Then I processed it all day Wednesday with clients who were all freaking out, in different ways, and then Wednesday night in my class.  And all along the way I was continuing to process it on Facebook.  And I hit my limit there.  I need time. I need time to regroup, gather my thoughts and feelings, go into “self-protection mode” as one friend said, and you can’t do that on Facebook.  It’s too immediate.  And most importantly I need to refocus on taking care of myself and my son, here and now.  I fear for what a presidency by Donald Trump will mean for my son, for our family, but I also can’t really process that too much because we have to live our lives and get through our day.  There’s a reason why social activism is predominantly done by middle class folks – because the closer you are to the working poor the less you can afford to take time out of your day to day.  Which paradoxically is why the working poor keep getting screwed, and I think this actually ties right back into why Trump was elected, irrationally, because I am not convinced he will solve the answers people crave.

We will get through this. I know we will, because we got through some terrible times in the 1980s.  I hope things won’t get that bad again. I am confident that in some states, like Massachusetts, where I live, things will not because we have put some things in place that will not be revoked by Trump.  But mostly, we will get through this despite Trump, regardless of who the president is, because we have each other.  And we have to keep looking out for each other, because the president doesn’t really care about us, as individuals.  The president also can’t really solve our problems, as individuals. I am not saying this means we shouldn’t stop pushing our leaders to do the right thing, and fighting back when they don’t, but we have to maintain some perspective.  Ultimately, we are the ones who care for each other.  And we have to keep doing so. And we will.


~ by realsupergirl on November 10, 2016.

2 Responses to “Aftermath”

  1. Thank you for finding the words for this. I am still struggling to write more than a few sentences. I am with you, we will fight back. We will find a way through it.

  2. Funny you say you’re still trying to find your words, it was something you said on Facebook a few days ago that partially inspired this post.

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