For Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, for Ricky Best, for Micah Fletcher 

Someone else said, it was the very best and the worst of Portland on that MAX train from Lloyd Center. A city that feels like home, a city often ahead of the country in compassionate and progressive policies. But it is also a part of the country violent white supremacists have claimed as their own territory. And I remember in 1991-1992 one of my best friends at Reed (a Mexican American man from South Central LA) and I would take the bus to Lloyd Center in search of brown people. He texted me Saturday when he heard the news of the attack and I recalled this to him. 25 years later, his response was “did we find any?”  

This country was founded on violent white supremacy, yet has pledged ideals it has never met. If we are ever to become the successful model of of a pluralistic democratic nation our best ideals claim us to be, we must confront our own racism and imperialism. Men like Jeremy Christian are as American as it gets, but so are all the rest of us.  


~ by realsupergirl on May 29, 2017.

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