Guns and America, Part 2

In 2012, after the mass shooting in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, I wrote a blog post suggesting that guns weren’t really the problem. I still stand by that. But in the wake of yet another mass shooting last night in Las Vegas, Vox recently compiled stats and charts demonstrating why guns kind of are the problem. It’s already being called the “worst mass shooting in U.S. history” which already whitewashes American history, because it ignores several violent incidents that targeted black people which claimed more lives.

But the essential question and point I made back in 2012 remains. We started to answer it in the comments. Why are we such a violent hateful nation? Five years later. we have a president who is the living embodiment of every hateful, violent internet troll you’ve encountered, I think it’s a more relevant question than ever. Trump is, above all else, a symptom of America more than anything. More specifically, I’ve come to conclude Trump is the symptom of Amerikkka. Of white supremacy unreconciled.

I teach a class to graduate counseling students called Teaching Power. Privilege, and Oppression. In it, I demand that students examine their own biases and prejudices and unpack them. This is kind of what we need to be doing as a nation.

In the decades that followed World War II, Germany went through some soul-searching, and has tried to atone honestly and through reparations for atrocities they committed. Individual Germans felt shame and guilt for what their country had done. And they should. In America, 250 years after the Civil War, we are still arguing about whether it’s appropriate to have statues celebrating the losing side, the side that fought for slavery to remain. We still have white people whitewashing history and pretending we’re “post-racial” and “colorblind.” And we still haven’t given reparations for descendants of slaves, for Japanese citizens interned during World War II, for Chinese people expelled violently from towns after they broke their backs to build our railroads, or for Native Americans our country slaughtered.

I’ve come to conclude that THAT is why we are such a violent hateful nation. Until we reconcile ourselves collectively – all of us – we will never change. Are we too big and disparate a country to do this like Germany has done? Could this ever happen?


~ by realsupergirl on October 2, 2017.

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