Day 215

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One of the teachers at Marquam’s day care braided his hair today, (JL had given her permission to the idea a few weeks ago) They were all excited to show us at pickup, and he didn’t say anything about it until he got to the car, when JL said he immediately declared he didn’t like it and said they hurt. The braids were much tighter than the twists we usually do.

So we took them out, and we said we’d talk to the staff about not doing his hair again. I also told him I was impressed he sat still for it without any videos.

He’s such an easygoing little doodle and seems so much more grown up, it’s easy to forget he’s still three and needs us to help him speak up for himself sometimes.  

Day 214

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Another time gap. It’s so weird, i have no idea days have gone by until after the fact. So I don’t even know how to self-correct.

We are exploring the idea of buying a two family house with another family. It’s a cool idea, but its pitting a lot of big important things against each other in a way that is weird to be trying go predict out th future, for when our kids are no longer preschoolers. I want my son to go to school in his community, where he can walk and lives near his classmates. I want the school to be decent. I want to remain a one car family and be T accessible. And I want to make sure my son isn’t the only black kid in his school and neighborhoo. It’s a lot. Will we find something and be able to get an offer accepted? Stay tuned.

Day 209

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Must all heroes fall?

Bill Cosby is a sociopath and a rapist, Lita Ford abused her children. That’s what Facebook is talking about this morning. I made a poster of black men my son can aspire to be like when he was first born, but I had to take it down and redo it to remove Bill Cosby from it. He’s three. Now i just hope that none of the other fifteen or so men on it prove themselves to be unworthy as well.

We all need heroes. We also need heroes who look like us, which is harder to come by when you’re adopted transracially. And when you’re a black man in America you need powerful antidotes to the racist narratives constructed about you before you’ve even opened your mouth. The fall of Bill Cosby, of Cliff Huxtable, hits hard. I miss him.

Day 207 

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My son’s first camping trip!  One night in Shawme Crowell State Forest. So fun. 

Early morning light
Sleeping in tents with toddlers
Up with the first birds.

Day 206

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Ugh, another lapse,  where does time go?   I’m off to go camping so I’m actually taking my old-fashioned journal instead.  If I do some writing there perhaps I’ll transcribe it when I get back tomorrow.

Day 203

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My doctor’s office called this morning to say that the mole in my arm they removed is “no cause for alarm”, according to the lab.  So now yesterday’s haiku seems a little histrionic.  Funny how one day changes your perspective over these things. 

Day 202

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Eleven stitches
“Severely atypical”
My arm lost a mole.


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