Protected: Day 115, 30 day poem challenge day 25

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Protected: Day 114, 30 day poem challenge day 24

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Day 112, 30 day poem challenge day 22

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Day 22: do something physical.  Use whatever you did as a metaphor

On the demise of the Michigan women’s music festival 

Riding the T is public space
There may be a need for some
For women only trains, 
To be free from men’s tiring gazes
There may be a need 
For black only trains
To be free of white police harassment
If your public space 
Requires you to police who belongs 
On the train 
You are part of the problem.

Day 111

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Ack!  I’ve missed two full days of the poem challenge, which continue to be uninspiring prompts. But I didn’t manage to blog at all either.  Yesterday I missed the Boston Marathon for the first time in years because I woke up at 3 AM needing to vomit.  I’ve never been so suddenly and unexplainably sick, which you know me, makes my hypochondriac brain go all sorts of unpleasant places.  Instead of recapping that, however, let’s focus on how awesome it is that I have good friends who come over to keep my son active and entertained when I can barely get out of bed.

I’m home again today, because after regaining my appetite and my ability to hold down food, I started running a fever.  It was low grade as of this morning, up to 102.8 last night.

I’ve tidied up the toys and paid bills.  I’ve checked Facebook at attended to my Sims.  I’m officially bored now.  Can this norovirus or whatever the fuck it is be done already?

Day 108

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Really disappointed in the 30 day poem challenge prompts this year.  They’ve been uninspired. 

In lieu of a poem, here’s the run down of our three year old’s birthday today: 

7:40 AM M wanders into our bedroom asking “it’s my birthday! Where are my friends?” 

8:00 AM finds us opening the presents from Nana.  Handmade costumes. Including matching ones for his doll.  The knight costume was a huge hit, until he saw the firefighter costume.  The pirate costume appears to need more of a context to be appreciated.  Perhaps once he’s seen Princess Bride? 

9:00 AM finds us opening his present from Savta and grandpa.  A scooter.  Off come the costumes.  Suddenly he must go outside. Right. Now. 

10:30 Mama drops M and Imma off at the park to try out his new scooter.  Falls twice, but has it pretty well mastered in 30 minutes. Did I mention the age guideline says 5+?  Mama takes off to pick up party supplies and lunch.  

11:30 Picnic in the park.  M’s lunch choice: dim sum.  

12:30 Imma and mama settle in with Frog and Toad and Harry Potter to try and nap.  But it’s so hard to settle because. Friends! And cake!  And presents! And balloon! 

1:30 M asleep.  Mama and Imma use the next two hours to clean the apartment, pick up grown up refreshments, clean some more. 

3:30 Imma runs vacuum,  M wakes up.  This is as it should be. “My friends? My friends are coming?” 

4:30 Guests arrive.  One cancellation (stomach bug) leaves us with 7 children, ages 1 to almost 5. 10 grown ups.  We watched two Wallace and Gromit shorts with popcorn.  Break for pizza.  Third Wallace and Gromit.  Cupcakes and gluten free brownies.  Rocket straw cups for party favors.  There was a mattress on the floor for movie watching, which meant of course there was some jumping on the mattress.  Surprisingly, there were no major meltdowns, and the kids actually played well together.  Not bad considering many of them had never met before.  Grown ups drank wine. 

6:30 Most of the guests depart.  One child and his parents remain.  There is an after party consisting mostly of blowing bubbles on our porch.  It seems to also involve singing various versions of “Let it go”.  

7:30 Havadalah ceremony to mark the end of Shabbat.  

8:30 Last guests depart

9:30 We manage to corral M into bedtime routine.  

11:00 M finally conks out,  though he’s been very quiet and mostly asleep for an hour. 

Whew!  Good thing birthdays only come once a year.  But man.  I can’t believe it’s already been three years. 

Protected: Day 106, 30 day poem challenge day 16

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Day 105

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April 15th is tax day, which this year made me grumpy. 

April 15th is also the yahrzeit of my father-in-law.  

Now April 15th is the anniversary of the Boston marathon bombing.  

Fuck it if I don’t feel like trolling some website for prompts to try and write poem tonight.  


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